Fighting For Better Conditions At Work

Let's face it - most of us these days get a raw deal at work.

The wages are too low. The hours are too long. Some types of work are dangerous or unpleasant, others are boring and tiring.

Together, us workers do just about everything that society needs done. We build the houses, roads and factories. We make the food, clothes and cars. We drive the buses and trains, take care of the sick, teach the kids, sweep the streets, put out the fires, cut the hair and do the paperwork.

In return, our bosses pay most of us hardly enough to live off, and make us work under conditions we hate. It isn't fair, so the IWW always fights for more for every worker: workplace by workplace, boss by boss.

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Organising For Workplace Democracy

Did your boss ever force you to do something at work and then tell you "this isn't a democracy" if you complained?

A lot of them like to make that joke when they mess you around, and they're right - at least until the IWW gets involved.

Workers deserve the right to make decisions about their work life, so the IWW helps workers to set up democratic committees at work, and increase their power to call the shots where it matters.

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Defending Workers

The Sheffield IWW has a team of local, fully-trained union reps, who can defend you at work if your boss calls you in for a disciplinary meeting, or if you need to file a grievance against your boss for mistreatment at work.

If your boss is breaking the law on issues like wages, health and safety or working hours, we may be able to level either a legal challenge or an aggressive publicity campaign in order to bring them into line.

If a boss victimises, bullies or fires one of our members, the Sheffield IWW mobilizes our whole membership, and acts as a peoples' army which will stop at nothing to defend them. We protect our workers from unfair treatment by any means necessary.

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Training Our Members

Every new member of the IWW has access to full training to develop themselves as organisers or union reps.

Our skills courses are held at our offices in the City Centre, and cover all aspects of workplace law, organising strategy, and everything else you and your coworkers need to know about how to stand up for your rights.

All of our training is member-led, and we draw on the experiences of the whole union to deliver the most up-to-date and effective info and tactics available.

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