The Problem

We're supposed to live in a democracy - but we spend most of our lives at our work - and most workplaces are not democratic.

In most companies, bosses and managers act like "dictators" over their workers. You don't vote for them - they're hand-picked by whoever owns the company - and that's usually either a millionaire, a wealthy family, or a small group of super-rich investors.

Then, the bosses and owners get to choose when you work, where you work, how you work, and how much you get for your work.

Meanwhile, workers do all the tasks that need doing on site, and often know the job better than the gaffers themselves do. But despite that, workers usually have no say at all in decisions that affect them.

They barely get paid a living for it, either, yet the idle suits with a silver spoon in their mouths make a fortune without lifting a finger.

That isn't right.

Democracy in the IWW

All decisions taken inside the IWW are done by direct democracy - one person, one vote - the way it should be. What the Union does at any level, is voted on by the people it affects. So if a group of workers organises an IWW committee at their workplace, they're the ones who decide what the committee should do by voting on it.

Likewise, our strategy and decisions at city-level are made by all IWW workers in Sheffield, our UK decisions are voted on by workers from all IWW branches in the UK, and our international decisions are made by every single member of the IWW in the world.

Nobody tells us what to do in the IWW, we do it ourselves.

Industrial Democracy at Work

When a group of workers organises a committee at work with the IWW, it's up to them to figure out what they want changed at work.

Higher pay? No more lay-offs? Different working conditions? - what you and your workmates want changed should be decided by democracy in your workplace committee, not by what some manager says. The branch will offer in-depth training and support on how to set up and run a workplace committee.

Whatever it takes, we'll use all our skills and power to put you and a committee of your workmates in control of your own work lives, and you won't be alone - you'll have thousands of IWW workers behind you, in Sheffield, the UK and beyond fighting for you.

Every time workers themselves vote on something they want changed, and get that change made, that's a little bit of Industrial Democracy in action.

Let's make it how we run things everywhere.