Disciplinary Hearings

When any boss in the UK decides to send a worker to a disciplinary, no matter what it is about, that worker has the legal right to be accompanied by a Union Representative.

Being sent to a disciplinary by your boss can be scary, but as a member of the Sheffield IWW, you'll be accompanied by one of our fully trained and certified reps to prevent the boss trying to bully, confuse or intimidate you.

In many cases, our reps know the law better than the bosses themselves do, so having one back you at a disciplinary can really stump the boss and put the power back in your hands.

Every Sheffield rep is also backed up by the rest of our casework team in the branch, who can handle any extra research or paperwork we need to defend you.

Grievance Hearings

If you think your boss may have broken the law against you - for example, withheld wages they owe you, endangered your health and safety, fired you without good reason - then it is your right to lodge a grievance against them, and the IWW can help.

A trained rep from the branch can assist you in preparing a case and accompany you to a hearing. Using the expert knowledge of our reps and casework team, our branch frequently helps workers win back stolen wages, lost jobs and other concessions from crooked bosses.

No employer messes an IWW member around and gets away with it.

Public Campaigns & Direct Action

When a boss refuses to play by the rules, the IWW takes to the streets.

If an IWW member has been wronged, we don't take it lying down - mass pickets, street demonstrations, the press - we're ruthless at defending our workers and we don't stop until we get justice.

There's strength in numbers.

When the whole Sheffield IWW shows up on your employer's doorstep and tells them to fix the problem, they usually think twice about screwing you over at work.